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This poem is broken into three separate stanzas. The first stanza helps orient the reader as to the setting and the problem. In the first lines familiarize you with Flanders's fields. It says that poppies blow, between crosses. Poppies are a flower that grows well on disturbed ground and the crosses represent where the people have been buried. By saying row on row it allows the reader to realize that many people have died and thus many people have been buried in Flanders Fields. Also the fact that the larks cannot be heard singing amid the guns tells you that war is still going on and due to the war people are not able to stop and listen to the birds and enjoy themselves. This whole first stanza sets the tone to be depressing, sad and serious.
The second stanza is written in the point of view of the dead soldiers. The very first words make it very clear that they are the ones talking. Having them express their feelings makes the reader take the poem much more seriously as well as makes it a more touching poem. They describe how they experienced the wonderful things in life and had feelings and emotions such a short time ago that have now been taken away from them. This piece allows the reader to feel for the soldiers by knowing what they have had stripped from them and how their lives are now over. It shows that life is meaningful, and no matter what side of the war you are on the dead are all the same-put to rest in the ground.
The last stanza is still with the focus on the dead, and from their point of view. Here the reader is told to take up the fight. The foe could be thought of in two ways, either the enemy they were fighting or the war itself. In the context of this poem it is more liable to be the war because continuing to fight the enemy would only result in more dead bodies on both sides. The poem then goes further to tell the reader to hold the torch high. This could represent the freedom they are fighting for. As a soldier they want everyone to be thankful for the freedom and peace and try to keep it because they have had to sacrifice so much. The closing is very personal for the reader because the soldier is telling them not to break faith. In other words they do not want the people they died and fought for to forget them. If this happens they would not be able to rest easily in their graves because they lost so much and have been forgotten.
Altogether this poem is about the war and the brave men who fought and died. It is reminding the other people to be thankful and proud of them and to cherish their own lives and freedom. The soldiers do not want the people to forget about the sacrifices they made or about them because they died and lost their lives to make others better. All in all the poem is very heavy and has a clear message for the reader.

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